Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Easy Decoupage DIY

Wow! I decided to share a link to my blog last night on facebook and have had such an amazing response! Thank you so much to everyone for the nice comments!! So maybe I will actually have an audience here ! :)

While I have a break from my "real job" that I do love by the way, I wanted to share something that is such a fun favorite of mine and so easy to do. DECOUPAGE!

I have had so many comments on the decoupaging that I did in my daughters room and I try to tell people how easy it truly is! I did this about a year ago so I dont have a pic tutorial but Ill show pics and explain it well.

What you'll need:

*scrapbooking paper or tissue paper,stickers,labels, anything really, that is paper based.I have used thin fabric but never recieved as good of a result.For this project you'll need paper based.

*light switch covers & outlet covers

*Elmers glue

*Paint brush

* plastic bowl

*exacto knife


Heres a pic so you can see what we are doing .

The white lines and grainy look are part of the paper design. My daughters room at the moment (she changes often wonder where she gets that from ) is Tiffany Blue with black and white accents. She decided on that blue a couple of years ago when we were still building and it was so hard to find anything.I literally had to take a Tiffany box to the paint store and go through about 10 wrong matches! Now you can find it everywhere!! Ughh!!

Anyway, I found this scrapbooking paper at JoAnn Fabrics.

Take your switch plate and lay it on top of your paper .basically trace about 1 inch all around your paper, then cut a small X in the middle where your switch hole is.

Mix about 2 tbs glue to 1 tbs water until you get a thin milky consistancy.

Next you'll want to cut out around the plate where you measured.

Take your paint brush and spread ONLY GLUE ON THE ACTUAL SWITCH PLATE .

Then while holding the paper onto the plate ( it wont stick much right away) use your brush and start brushing the mixture all over the paper, once your paper is pliable use your fingers and press the corners over like hospital corners. I use my finger to push through the hole in the middle. If it rips, dont worry, it's very forgiving.Just keep brushing glue mixture and push the tear back together. Once the entire thing is wet and you have all corners folded over sit in in a safe place.I use the hair dryer at first for a minute of so to set it. Then take straight glue and brush that over entire plate.Now you can let it dry. Take a screw or nail when its almost dry and push through the screw holes.

Seems like a lot of directions but literally takes about 5 minutes to do!!

If you can see on the "C" and "y" I did the same thing. These were wodden letters from Michaels .I decoupaged two and glittered two ,painted one and pearled one (I'll never glue that many pearls again)

Had to include the above picture just because my little fur baby has to photo bomb whenever given the chance!! Oh and the "C" above is one of those hard cardboard letters that we painted white and sprayed clear glitter on, but those are great to decoupage as well!

But anyway decoupaging the light switch cover & outlets really finishes off a room. It can easily be soaked off ,scrubbed and redone with a different pattern!

I have used the lables off of seed packets to decorate terra cotta planters, used beautiful tisse paper on planters, a table top and gift boxes. You can purchase those inexpensive paper boxes at most craft stores and decoupage them to personalize them for great gift boxes that the reciever can use forever! I also have decoupaged a friends old recipe cards from her grandmother onto the top of a butcher block for her! We made copies of all recipes first!! I finished it off with water based polyeurathane afterwards!

Use your imagination , it's really so simple and makes such a statement.Someone once thought that I had specially ordered the switch covers in my daughters room to match her theme!

Well I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial for you!! Let me know if any of you decoupage !!!

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