Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Hope you all have had a wonderful relaxing Sunday! I woke up with my eye completely swollen and red and my allergies are awful!!   :( Not sure whats going on but I had too much to get done to give in to it!
So after getting some cleaning done and work done I was able to bake a little.

I have been wanting to make these healthy monkey cookies for awhile and they are pretty good! Not as sweet as I would have liked so I threw a little Monk fruit sweetener into the second batch and they were much better to me! I have the worlds WORST SWEET TOOTH!! I DON'T LIKE CANDY,GUM,SNACK CAKES YOU BUY IN THE STORES ..NOT THAT TYPE of sweets.But baked goods,cookies,cakes,anything homemade and I'm done.So I struggle between being healthy and fit and eating in moderation or just saying "HECK WITH IT " and being over weight,unhealthy and satisfied..(heehee)

This is the batter, it's just oatmeal,applesauce,cocoa,bananas,vanilla and peanut butter! I have the recipe on my pinterest page under the recipe board.But like I said,I added a little sweetner.
Here they are being baked, they look like no bakes which are my most fave easy cookie of all!

Here they are all done!

Also made some banana bread,by the time I thought of taking a picture my family had almost finsihed it off! I have been making lots of breads lately .My fave was zucchini,banana and chocolate chip bread.When I find the recipe again for that I will post it because it's amazing!

Then after making an awesome roast for supper, I made these!!! Two ingredient muffins!!!

It feels weird not adding eggs and other ingredients,and at first I was worried because it seemed so dry but once you start really mixing it comes together nicely!Of course because I am who I am...I had to add a little something extra! I'm one of those people that always has to "add" my own touch weather its decorations,clothes or recipes.I just can't help it! I always feel like things need a touch more "bling or WOW OR  POP!" Yes I'm a "Blingier is better kinda girl!" So anyway today the bling was in the form of......ready?.....

CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! ,JUST on half though,tried to keep it clean for myself. :) 

So we have left over muffins from yesterdays breakfast and all of the baking I did today.I think we are set for a few days! Oh had to share some of the goodies my son and I picked from the garden today!

A few of the tomatoes had split, but there are lots more goodies to be picked in the next few days.I have more zucchini,eggplant,basil,and lots more tomatoes that will be red soon!

This is my first ever watermelon I have grown! I was a bit dissapointed because I thought it was going to be seedless but it is so very sweet that it made up for it!

And here is my baby pumpkin!There are a few more but this is the largest and it's starting to turn orange!! So exciting! I just love gardening,it's so rewarding!!

I'll finish off with my wreath I "fluffed up" a bit and my bow for the outdoor light post in my yard .Now I'm off to finish a Spirit wreath and then to bed!! Long week ahead!

Hope everyone has an Awesome Monday!!

 This picture doesn't do it justice because it's really large,of course I may add a burlap bow to the back or maybe some black ribbon but this is the start :)

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