Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I can't believe how much the weather has changed here in western Pa.! Last week is was hot and humid and now Ineed to wear a warm hoodie to go outside comfortably in the evening! I'm trying not to complain just yet because I do love the seasons here and this time of year but my poor body just has to adjust!
Our Friday nights are occupied by football here since my daughter cheers for the highschool and last night although we lost it was a wonderful night for FOOTBALL! heres a picture of our beautiful stadium! I have such great memories at this place seeing that my oldest son played here for 4 years and now y daughter has cheered here for four as well!Love this place!

Today was filled with yard work,college football,baking and a trip to Pat Catans with my favorite girl.They were having a great sale today and of course I was in my glory! Oh the money I could've spent!!
I also  finished up a few crafts I had taht were begging to be done. I have been working on school spirit and fall wreaths any chance I have had this month so I was anxious to get some things finished.I'm so ready to get my pumpkins and mums for my porch decorating!!!

This is a wreath I made from some grapevine in my yard, Think I'll grab some more flowers to add to it now that I have it hung but I was itching to put something on this back door!

I had seen some topiaries like these at a craft store but they were almost $100.00 each! Of course I thought"I'll make my own!" Mine are much larger than the ones I had seen originally , they are almost 3  ft. high. I'm really happy with the outcome.I'm placing them on either side of the front door.

Here are a few signs I finished up as well. I used left over landscape timbers for the pumpkins.This was a great project for my son and I to do together! He helped cut them into 10" 15"and 25" sections.We painted them with craft paint and once dried I went over them with the electric sander to give the rustic,worn look.Then we both painted faces and I glued some broken sticks and raffia on top! Viola!! Anytime I can get him to help me with a project since he's almost 16, I jump at the chance!! Of course if it involves power tools ,he's usually on board!

This is just another one of the signs we made.I'll just hang these on my plant stands on the porches and maybe put a couple inside.Just remember if you make wooden signs and plan on having them outsidide spray or brush on some poly to protect from the elements! 
Well I'm ready for a great relaxing Sunday and hopefully trying some great new recipes,so I'll share those soon!Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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