Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Fall Ya'll!!

Ok so I'm back! As I said yesterday I'm still trying to figure some of this out and should probably explore some of the "how to" topics and will try to do that tonight some time.But first I'll share some more fall deco pics along with some of my DIY projects.
Let me first explain that my fiance' and I took a home that was over 100 years old and began demo on it about 2 1/2 years ago.Basically everything but the kitchen which had been remodeled a few years prior came out. We then added about 1850 sq. feet to the top of the house .We had an awesome builder but did ALOT OF IT OURSELVES. This was the third house I have built/remodeled and of course there are always things you wish you could do differently or want to re-do but all in all we are satisfied. There is still (almost three years later) several things that need finished but it's liveable..lol 
I love recycling/up cycling items and get so much satisfaction from doing things myself:) But for now its ALL ABOUT FALL YA'LL!!
This was an old frame from the 1920's that I found in our basement. I took out the glass, cleaned it well, used chalkboard paint on the glass and then just sprayed the frame white. I love using it to send special messages to my kids or our guest!!

Wanted to show the pumpkin brick head my son helped me make :)

Kinda blurry but I had this awkwardly placed corner cabinet that you couldn't really access so I decided when I painted the cabinets a few weeks ago to take off the doors and use it as a display shelf.You can't ever have enough shelves right? Just stuck some fall foliage up there to add some holiday spirit!!

I absolutely have an obsession with ribbon and bows!! It may have something with growing up in the South.You stick a bow on it honey and its pretty!! lol , But I literally walk around while decorating with raffia and ribbon in my hand thinking"where can I tie this?" I try not to get to carried away as not to be tacky but sometimes its hard.
Anyway I love this little candy dish above. I can't remember where I bought it but I know it was ess than $10 .I change out the ribbon and candy seasonally.Usually I have seasonal Hershey Kisses but haven't bought them yet. Above that is apothecary jars I bought at Marshalls filled with pine cones, leaves,pumpkins and a little moss. Theres a moss ball from Walmart($2) on top of a candle holder and a couple of chachis for added decor.

Notice the raffia again: :) These are dollar store pumpkins on a moss bed, and my fave little hen candle holder from Bath and Body Works. This sits atop a very old book case I re painted and repaired and have sitting in my kitchen.

This is just a shot of a copper fire wood bucket I have that I stuck left over fall foliage in.Something so quick and simple can make such a statement.


Above is my formal dining room. I couldn't decide on my center piece this year but wanted something that was very mobile.I tend to go all out with a "bigger is better" theme but since we eat in here so often it's always a pain to move the center piece out of the way. So I took an old antique silver tray I had and stuck a large mercury glass candle holder on top. Then I draped autumn garland all around and began sticking different fall pics in any empty spaces.The great thing is I can just lift the tray and grab the ends of the garland and move it for when we eat there. I also stuck two mercury glass candle sticks on either side. I still have to find the right color of candles for that but haven't yet.

The plate rack above was found at a yeadsale for $1 last week! And the plates were $2 a piece at Walmart .

These windows above were big, awkward and empty when we started on the house.There are two of them in the kitchen so I bought finials from Lowes, painted them white and had glass cut to fit the insides. I love them now! I display more of my decorative items on them and I get beautiful light shining in!!
Another Find at Ross!

Just had to show this cute soap holder from Bath and Body! As soon as the seasons change it's one of my first places to go to get the latest soap scents! The fall ones are to die for! These cute holders dress up the soap bottles so nicely. We have four bathrooms and of course the kitchen so their 5 for $25 deal is right up my alley!! I stock up !!!

This is the other window that you can see a bit better!

Ok well that's enough inside, I don't want to bore you already. Ill show some of my outside items I created in another post. I am going to work on an Etsy shop some tonight to sell some of my wreaths, floral arrangements and other decorative items I make when I get to do what I love!!! Hope you've enjoyed my fall Home thus far!!

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