Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soo busy :(

Hello friends!
So sorry for being rather absent this past week!This has been such a busy week and any extra time has been crafting and trying to start a new business as well as an Etsy shop! I have had to photograph everything , upload them then do all of the descriptions etc..Very time consuming! So I wont be on here long tonite.I have some mail box swags to make!! Pictures coming soon!!
Oh but I did want to share a little someting , If you have a daughter with lots of hairbows as I do (or if someone in your family has a girl,this is a good idea for a gift.) Its always hard to find a way to store all of these bows, When my daughter was young I made a doll face out of wood and then hot glued about five feet of yarn to the top and braided the sides so she could clip all of the bows on.It was very cute ...however she isn't so little anymore and is VERY picky about what goes in her room so .... we bought one of those ornate wooden frames they sell at Michaels or most other craft stores.Painted it black and VIOLA!!
You can just stick the clip part on to the frame ! These are all of her cheer bows for this year , well there are actually more since I took this pic.!!
So anyway friends, I'm leaving you with this little idea and I'll be busy crafting so I can share some goodites with you! I'll also post ETSY INFO. AS SOON AS IT'S UP AND RUNNING!

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